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The Christian Slater Collection

Before his standout performance in the current popular TV series Mr Robot, the 80-90s was Christian Slater’s time. Besides being one of Hollywood’s biggest heartthrobs, he gave some of the greatest performances for a young actor of that time and we’ve put together a collection of those must watch films.



Juno is categorised as Drama/Romance however it more falls into the category of ‘Life-timer’ as you’ll never forget this coming of age story about teen pregnancy, friendships, family and love.

Kill your darlings

Kill Your Darlings

Falling into the Thriller/Drama genre of Independent movies and based on a true story, Kill Your Darlings is inspiring, heart-wrenching and at times shocking.

Hello, my name is Doris

Hello, My Name Is Doris

Hello My Name is Doris is a Comedy/Drama that you can fully sink your teeth into. Immerse yourself in the world of ageless relevance and romance and accompany an older woman in her youthful lifestyle.