Published: September 2nd, 2016

Written by: Miranda

I’m going to find it really difficult not to just go on about how much I love this film, but what can I say other than that?! I spent literally the whole second half of my teenage years quoting this film – it made up about 80% of my entire vocabulary for a good while. However I will try my best to be objective and give you a good review of the film (or at least pinpoint some of the reasons why I love it so much!

I feel like when you read the synopsis of Juno you formulate an idea in your mind about what it will be like (it’s a story of a teenage pregnancy) but it really isn’t the sort of film that you can prejudge. I am a serial pre-judger and I find it difficult sometimes to watch films purely based upon recommendation because I make up an idea in my mind and then don’t want to watch it… (A pet peeve many have about me hehe sorry!) But even if you do have an idea in your mind about Juno you’re in for a pleasant surprise my friends, because while it’s dealing with an issue that obviously comes with serious emotions, it’s comedy value is 10/10. It will have you rolling about laughing – the script is comedy gold, and the way the dialogue is portrayed makes it even better because the actors are so deadpan and speak as if they really are the characters.


So, a brief overview of the plot then: Juno and her boyfriend (Paulie Bleeker) (accidentally) get preggers, but the trouble is that Bleeker’s mum is like a hobbit who hates Juno, Bleeker is super in love with Juno but she isn’t really sure about her feelings, and she ultimately decides that giving the baby up to a loving family who really want a baby is the best choice to make.

I think that most girls at some point have had that silly conversation with their friends like ‘omg what would you do if you got up the duff now?!!?!’ So in some ways it’s upsetting to see Juno decide to give her baby up, but Vanessa (the most perfect mother-to-be on planet Earth) – played by Jennifer Garner btw) is so nice that you really want her to go through with the adoption.


There are a great deal of super complicated relationships in the film, Juno and Vanessa’s husband Mark end up having a weird sort of connection first founded in their shared musical and film interests. Personally I felt that the reason they bonded was much deeper, I think that Mark liked Juno so much because she was far more similar to him than his own wife is, he doesn’t even know for sure if he wants a child but Vanessa is hell-bent. I think that Juno sees in Mark what she wishes she would see in Bleeker (but it turns out okay in the end).

My favourite bits however aren’t the super emotionally charged moments, despite the fact that they are brilliantly acted (especially Ellen Page – Juno – who is literally incredible in this film). I love the moments between Juno and her best friend Leah, and the scenes between Juno and the man she buys a million pregnancy tests off. You just need to google some of the quotes and you’ll find they will never leave your brain as long as you live!

I really recommend this film you come away from watching it with a warm fuzzy feeling and it is one that will stay with you forever.


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