Hello, My Name Is Doris

Published: August 12th, 2016

Written by: Miranda

So, I just watched a film called Hello, My Name is Doris. I’ve literally been waiting for months to see it -ever since I saw the trailer, it looked quirky and I just knew that it would stay with me and it has. It is about an older woman whose mother has just died, she has lived in her family home all of her life on Staten Island and travels everyday to get to Manhattan where her job is. Her brother and sister-in-law are a pair of abso pigs and they try to force her to move out of her home and say that it’s filled with junk… Doris is deffo a hoarder but as this is an affliction I too suffer with I felt only rage when they tried to declutter her fabulous home!

Hello, my name is Doris

Anyway, a young, good looking man named John has just started at the company she works for and she instantly fancies him. She’s lonely and daydreams all the time about various scenarios of love playing out in her mind and they form the cutest friendship. Doris really likes him and in spite of him getting a girlfriend at one point, he seems to really like her too. It culminates in Doris admitting her feelings for John and he turns her down – on Thanksgiving no less! She goes home and calls up her best friend for life (who she had fallen out with over Doris’ choice to spend Thanksgiving at John’s instead of at her BFF’s), and Ros (the BFFL) turns up with a bag of leftovers and cheers her up. Doris finally faces her inner demons and clears out all of her knick-knacks that she no longer needs and quits her job! Woo hoo go Doris!!!

Sally Field plays the part of Doris and she has now become my new style icon, at one point a hipster boy asks her what her ‘method’ is and she says she doesn’t have one and I love it. Literally the people who are the absolute best and who are genuinely the coolest people don’t have some stupid method for trying to be ‘in’ they just are themselves and that in itself oozes cool. Max Greenfield plays the part of John (the hunk Doris falls for) and it’s so refreshing for the male part to be the hot bit of stuff, the love interest, rather than the main character in the story. I already loved Greenfield from New Girl and this film just cements what I already knew about how good of an actor he is.

Hello, my name is Doris

The film is directed by Michael Showalter and what I love the most is how it really shows the true nature of people, it doesn’t matter how old you are, what interests you have, sometimes things just don’t work out the way you fantasise, and that it’s all right because there’s always something new and probably better waiting around the corner. The film is left on a cliffhanger and we are left not knowing if John ever does change his mind about Doris, but it’s irrelevant, John’s character was a means to an end because really it was about Doris’ journey to finding herself. The film ends with her making good changes in her life and being properly happy with herself and not depending on anyone else.

For me the glimmering starlight of brilliance was the depiction of the friendship between Doris and Ros, they have known each other forever and despite falling out are there for each other during the hard times and they are honest with each other – they are true friends. I find the friendship between females fascinating, as do many others in the entertainment industry with TV shows like Broad City, and this film really honestly (sometimes brutally so) captures the beauty of friendship and self-love and worth.

I would seriously recommend anyone to go and see this film; it’s an absolute work of art and a beautiful ray of realistic light.


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