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Published: October 15th, 2016

Written by: Miranda

I can’t think of one Christian Slater movie that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed, and not just because of his face & beautiful hair. His skill as an actor speaks for itself, and it is clear in all of his roles that he makes a real effort to get inside of his character’s heads. I’ve struggled to find a review that encompasses a list of his best performances that don’t give the entire plot away so I’ve listed a few that I would recommend (without giving too much away)!

Untamed Heart

Untamed Heart
This film can reduce even the most stoic of humans into floods of uncontrollable tears. It is 90’s, it’s Marisa Tomei starring opposite Christian Slater (who had long hair the time – swoon!) and it’s a tragic romance. What the hell more could you want?!

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

Robin hood
There was no way that I was going to make a list of Slater’s best films and not include this classic. Not only is the film an all-rounder, Christian Slater is the perfect Will Scarlet. We’ve seen a great deal of adaptations of this legendary folktale, and there are an army of actors that have played this character, but Slater is by far the most memorable in the role of any I have ever seen.

True Romance

True romance
This film was directed by Tony Scott, written by Quentin Tarantino and stars Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette – need I say more? I will anyway. With elements of dark comedy and romance, this movie was rated by Empire as the 157th greatest film of all time in 2008. Elvis makes a few appearances and it has Tarantino’s unmistakeable mark on it in terms of quirkiness and the ups and downs that viewers see. The performances from all involved are moving, dramatic fast paced and high-energy all the way through. It’s one of those films that you have to watch before you die –¬†utterly unmissable.


This is one of my personal all time favourite films. I love anything with Winona Ryder in (literally), and the pair of them together in an 80’s high school ‘anti-teen movie’ as many dub it, is simply heaven. Slater is the perfect villain, he is lovable despite his character being a psychopath and it is easy to suspend your disbelief when watching this film purely because it is so enjoyable. The extremely well written and unique script, music, clothes and setting all work together to create the perfect dark teen movie. Arguably it could be counted as one to watch over the Halloween holiday!

Pump Up the Volume

Pump up the volume
This film is in my top ten all time favourites, it carries a powerful message about teenagers’ role in society through the use of a quotable script, fantastic music, and deep, well rounded characters. I was recommended this film by a friend and I am so glad I watched it, I couldn’t stop listening to the soundtrack for weeks after I had watched it, and still pull out a few of the tracks every now and then. This is a story about the true feelings of teenagers growing up in a world where pressure to be a certain way is coming at them from all angles. While the pressures on young people today have shifted somewhat, the message of this film remains just as poignant as it was then. A seriously enjoyable film with plenty of lighthearted moments in spite of the depth of the plot.

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