Recommended Spooky Films to get you in the Halloween Mood

Published: September 26th, 2016

Written by: Miranda

Halloween is so much more than simply one night, for me, and many others it spans the length of October and that means spooky sweets and freaky films every night. I’ve compiled a list of my all time favourite Halloween movies that simply cannot be missed at this gloriously creepy time of year! I’m just as much a fan of horror films as the next person, but I think that the staple Halloween films are more on the classic side than the slasher side of things… Enjoy!

Hocus Pocus

Hocus pocus

Let’s kick this thing off with everyone’s favourite: Hocus Pocus. I have never met a person who has not seen this film and fallen in love with it. It screams early 90s, and with Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy playing three sister witches on the pursuit of eternal youth who can fail to love this film? I watch it multiple times throughout October and I defy anyone to not enjoy this instant classic and Halloween staple. The scene that sticks out most vibrantly is probably when the witches sing ‘I Put a Spell On You’ at the local school Halloween dance – I dare you not to enjoy it.



Coraline is a film that is easily mistaken for a Tim Burton movie (more on the world’s fave creepy filmmaker later), in actual fact it was directed by Henry Selick, who took Neil Gaiman’s topsy-turvy world of spooky-ness and turned it into an equally Halloween-worthy film. It is animated and voiced by popular actors such as Dakota Fanning and Teri Hatcher, I can’t go a Halloween without watching this film, and even after all these years I still can’t really figure out what it’s really all about…

The Nightmare Before Christmas


One film that it would be punishable by death to miss off a Halloween movie list is, of course, The Nightmare Before Christmas. What an idea, and what a film. Also directed by Henry Selick, Tim Burton’s classic movie’s appeal has never diminished. I can remember watching it for the first time as a child and I enjoy it just as much as I did then all these years later. It has some absolute corkers in it song-wise, and I have already begun listening to Disney’s Halloween playlist which is largely full of songs from this movie. Who doesn’t love Jack Skellington?

The Corpse Bride

The corpse bride

There are so many Tim Burton films that I could throw into this list so I’m going to combine them all as one. The Corpse Bride – I always pair this mentally alongside The Nightmare Before Christmas, maybe because the animation is so similar? Either way it’s a fantastic film filled with romance, some wonderful songs and of course plenty of weird and spooky moments.



Let’s not forget Frankenweenie which is a black and white animated movie about a boy and his dog Sparky, this film is such a good one to have on in the background while decorating your house in cobwebs!

Edward Scissorhands & Sweeney Todd

Edward scissorhands

Sweeney todd

Who could go through Halloween without watching Edward Scissorhands or Sweeny Todd? I’ve paired these together mainly because of Johnny Depps’s leading roles in both, however they are entirely different films. Both are wonderfully weird, but where Sweeny Todd is dark, menacing, sexually charged and full of murder, Edward Scissorhands is sweet, kind and features everyone’s favourite outcast, who will never be truly happy because of his bizarre appearance – sob.

The Addams Family

Addams family

Okay, moving swiftly on from Tim Burton’s genius accomplishments, no Halloween movie list would be complete without at least a mention of The Addams Family. Wednesday Addams is all I have ever aspired to be in life, and honestly who can avoid this classic at this time of year? It would be sacrilege to try.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky horror

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a film that has rooted itself firmly in our culture. Its songs are heard not only every October, but at every single disco, party or any other function where music is a requirement. I challenge you to find a person that doesn’t know at least the chorus of Time Warp, or recognise the iconic Tim Curry as Dr. Frank – N – Furter.

Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the dead

There is no way that Shaun of the Dead isn’t going to get a mention. First of all, who doesn’t love Simon Pegg and Nick Frost? Second of all, have you ever met a person who can’t quote this British classic? If you have met someone who doesn’t know this film the only thing that I can suggest is that you go to the Winchester, have a pint and wait for it to blow over.

It is the law of Halloween to watch literally every single thing I have listed in this article, and if not the Ghost of Hallowen’s Past is coming to get you in the middle of the night, so watch out!


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