Indie Steals: Johnny Depp Edition

Published: September 14th, 2016

Written by: Emilie

Johnny Depp: one of the best character actors we’ve come across and always a blockbuster hit (pretending we didn’t see Mortdecai though). It wouldn’t surprise me if you haven’t come across Depp’s independent film career, but trust me, you’re missing out. In my opinion, it’s where you’ll see his most emotional and brave roles. As much as we love Captain Jack Sparrow, I’m going to introduce you to some new characters to watch (and become obsessed with, and cry over, and fall in love with).

Rochester in The Libertine (2004)

I think this is actually my favourite of Johnny Depp’s films; maybe in my top 10 ever. The film follows John Wilmot, the second Earl of Rochester and his debauchery. You see Depp in this character that is so beyond what he has done before, so scandalous, so selfish, so despised. In saying that, you can’t help be want the best for him, to be endeared by his charm, to sympathise with him.

The libertine
Warning: tears guaranteed.

Gilbert Grape in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? (1993)

This film landed Leonardo DiCaprio his first Oscar nomination, but moving onto his on-screen big brother and you’ll find Depp’s heart-warming and honest performance.

A brother, a son, a dreamer, a man of self-sacrifice, Gilbert gives his absolute everything to look after his family. Caring for his overweight and bedridden mother and his younger brother with disabilities, Gilbert finds himself in a tangled love story.

What's eating gilbert grape

Axel Blackmar in Arizona Dreams (1992)

We all love the story of a small town boy with big dreams. This movie is trippy, it’s kind of ridiculous, it’s a love triangle that is, not going to lie, is a little far fetched. But this movie is so entertaining. It’s insanely captivating, and a visually stimulating film. Axel’s mind is almost like a dreamscape, which for a film buff, you can’t ask much more from an indie film.

Arizona dreams


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