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Published: January 10th, 2017

Written by: Aisha

200 cigarettes - New yYear

Happy New Year all!

Apologies need to be made about the lack of content and activity on this site for the past few months. It’s been a badly timed break seeing as awards season is in full swing. But it’s a new year and new start for Indie 411. So look out for new articles and reviews coming very soon.

I started this site with it solely being a project for my Master’s course and that I probably wouldn’t continue on with after I finished. However, I’ve decided that I would love to carry this on as a personal hobby. I love film as you know and although I’m not a great writer, or have a great knowledge of film, I love doing this. I love talking about films and I’m passionate about it. I really hope that with time I can become a better writer. I also hope that there will be people who will enjoy reading this stuff in the future and that maybe they will discover new movies from being a reader of Indie 411.

The aim is to really just spread the word on film. A lot of you may already know the films mentioned on this site but maybe there will be some you won’t. It sounds cheesy but discovering a great movie can be life changing. Film to me is a great escape from reality but is also a comfort for me in reality. There are movies where I wish everyone in the world could just watch because I feel that they could make the world a better place. They can open people’s eyes up to change and also can be a reminder to be kind to each other. Although there is a very high chance no one will be interested in reading my point of view or any of my friends’ point of view on films, there is the possibility of just stumbling across this site and seeing a name of a film or an image that looks interesting to you and I’ll take that as a success. I just want to share the films I love to as many people as possible and if all fails, well at least this will be a nice little movie journal for me.

Anyway, I just want to thank anyone who is reading and I’m wishing you all a movie filled 2017!


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