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Mr Nobody

10 Beautiful Shots to Revive Your Love with Independent Cinema

Adding in the art house film genre, we’re looking at the most aesthetically beautiful shots from our favourite films. Hats off to the cinematographers out there!

Arizona dreams

Indie Steals: Johnny Depp Edition

Before he stole our hearts (and ships) as Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp held an incredibly strong independent film career. Check out our list to add some indie films to your bucket list!

Django director cameo

The Auteur Director: Quentin Tarantino from Indie to Blockbuster

Quentin Tarantino’s personal style and film iconography has become insanely recognisable. Comparing three of his films, we see how the Tarantino style went from independent to blockbuster cinema.

Clint mansell soundtrack

Top 5 Independent Film Soundtracks

You can never look past a good score or film soundtrack. These composers stand tall next to the likes of mainstream film composers like Hans Zimmer or Danny Elfman, conveying such emotion and skill in their work.


Sex and Independent Films

Stepping away from the mainstream representation of sexuality in films, we look further into Shame (2011) and Sleeping Beauty (2011). These two films flip the taboo of discussing sex and sexuality and turn into beautiful but detrimental subject matter.